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Docido: The fastest cloud enterprise search service

In today’s business world, more and more companies are using multiple cloud services to develop their activities. However, it is easy to get lost in all the enterprise data stored. Enterprise Search software is not just reserved to multinational companies anymore. By creating Docido, we wanted it to be accessible to everyone so that all types of companies can save time and improve productivity.

François Goube, Co-founder and CEO of Cogniteev

Bordeaux, May 10th, 2016- A few months after its launch, Cogniteev presents today the newest version of its Enterprise Content Search and Discovery Platform: Docido. Docido is an enterprise service that combines different cloud services and accounts in one single interface so that all your content is unified. It also enables transversal search for documents, media files, posts and messages across those services. This tool is destined to professionals who want to easily access information they need when they need it and discover and store things on different topics.

The enterprise search for all professionals

By connecting their dedicated accounts, project managers can manage team projects more efficiently, improve productivity and save some time thanks to the unified interface.
Enterprise Search software is now dedicated to all types of companies so small business owners can benefit from it as well.
The overview on the dashboard shows straight away the most-up to date information but also offers the ability to filter by period, type of content and use contextualized filters  so that employees in large companies can make decisions properly.

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A flexible search solution

Docido provides a flexible search solution dedicated to the cloud. Organising enterprise data has never been that easy with the possibility of using smart filters and smart folders. Queries can be saved and search results can be grouped smoothly in the unified interface.

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Docido: an accessible offer

When integrating up to 3 services (from Gmail to Evernote or Trello to Github), users are able to enter the plateform right away and start their free trial. However, they can choose to integrate more than 3 services and prices will be the following:
9€ per month and 99€ per year after a 15days trial period.
docido accessible service

About Cogniteev

Docido is a service provided by Cogniteev, a Bordeaux-based startup. The young company was created in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Francois Goube and search expert Tanguy Moal and develops itself thanks to two Saas products.
Cogniteev solutions are designed to help companies optimise their performances and achieve their business goals with data.
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